Some schools are very strict about their school uniform and the appearance of their pupils.

IELTS, TOEFL and PTE Academic Writing Task, the Essay

The Essay Question:

Q. Some schools are very strict about their school uniform and the appearance of their pupils. While other schools have a very relaxed dress code. What are the advantages and disadvantages of children having a school uniform?

The Essay
The dress and appearance of students is dealt with strictly by few schools, whereas there is a rather lenient approach to it in few others. According to me, both these come with benefits and flaws.

To begin with, educational institutes having compulsory uniform codes tend to have much more discipline in their students and school functioning. This practice instills the importance of discipline as pupils learn the value of adhering to rules and regulations from a young age. Furthermore, schools that mandate a uniform, promote equality and justice. According to recent surveys, this is helpful to the poor and society because they realise that every single student is equal in this world just like in class. Poor children do not feel inferior, feel at par with others and can focus on education.

On the other hand, when uniforms are not enforced by schools, children feel more comfortable, free and can save time by wearing whatever suits them. Besies, it allows them to focus more towards their curriculum and extra curriculur activities without getting concerned about a dress code. Casual clothes are more conducive to some activities in schools, such as sports and dance. Additionally, uniforms could be expensive for some children as their parents might not be able to afford the same. Thus they fail to get their bright children admitted in prestigious schools even after managing to pay intuition fees.

In my opinion, schools that promote one uniform for students promote discipline and justice and equality is given to every single student walking towards excellence.  Nonetheless, it can be counterproductive to comfort and might be beyond the reach of poor families.

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