The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Answer:

The given charts indicate the findings of adult education, as to why adults study as well as people’s view on how they believe the cost of the same ought to be shared. Majority of adults enroll into courses due to their interest in subject.

It can be seen that 40% of adults study due to their interest in a subject, closely followed by 38% to enhance qualifications. 22% study since it would be helpful in their current job, while 20% each study as it would brighten their prospects of promotion or since they enjoy learning/studying. Only 12% adults get educated as it would enable them to change jobs and just 9% to meet new people.

Additionally, people are of the opinion that one fourth of the cost should be borne by taxpayers, 35% by the employer and 40% by the students themselves.

Overall, interest in a subject is the prime purpose of study, which is double that of those who study to improve chances of promotion or those who enjoy learning.

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