The diagram shows the manufacturing process for making sugar from sugar cane

The given process chart depicts how sugar is made from raw sugarcane. There are seven crucial steps in the production of sugar in a form that is consumed by people.

The very first step involves growing sugarcane, which takes around one to one and a half years, right from sowing to the ripening of sugarcane. Thereafter, farmers harvest the crop. This is done either manually or with machines. In the third step, the harvested cane is crushed to obtain sugarcane juice in a simple machine. Fourth, this juice is sent through a limestone filter for purification. Fifth, the filtered juice is put in an evaporator and heated to obtain syrup. Sixth, the syrup is processed in a centrifuge to separate sugar crystals from it. The final stage involves drying and cooling the sugar crystals.

Overall, sugar production from sugarcane is in seven steps taking over a years time, beginning with cultivation of the crop to the last step of cooling the sugar crystals.

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