The bar chart illustrates the total number of minutes of telephone calls in the UK…

The bar chart depicts the different types of telephone calls made by UK citizens from 1995-2002. Maximum calls were locally on fixed lines.

It can be seen that in 1995, highest number of calls(around 72 billion minutes) were done locally by Uk citizens on a fixed line. This usage continued steadily until 1999 and peaked at 90 billion minutes. Thereafter, it fell to around 70 billion in 2002.

On the other hand, national and international fixed line calls grew continuously throughout the period from 38 billion in 1995 to 60 billion minutes in 2002. As opposed to this, mobile calls was a mere 3-4 billion minutes in 1995, which went up at a steady pace until 1999( 14 billion minute) . After that, the usage jumped to 46 billion minutes in 2002, showing the maximum growth of over 10 times in the given period.

Overall, mobile calls usage grew up by roughly 15 times at the end of the given period, although it was the least used throughout.

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