Some people feel that entertainers ( eg. film stars,pop music or sports stars) are paid too much money.

IELTS/ PTE/TOEFL Writing Tasks, The Essay

Writing Task 2, Essay

The Essay Question:

Some people feel that entertainers ( eg. film stars,pop music or sports stars) are paid too much money. Do you agree or disagree ? Which other types of jobs should be highly paid. ?

The Essay:

It is felt by few that experts in the field of movies, music and sports entertaining people, are given an enormous amount of money. I believe this is not true, although other professionals in the area of healthcare and national security ought to be paid handsomely.

First, it is a myth that top seeded players, musicians and film actors who entertain the populace, receive exorbitant payments, considering the amount of stress and pressures they encounter. They often stay away from family, work at odd hours and workout rigorously following a strict diet regimen, all of which takes a toll on their health and emotions.

Second, their career span is far shorter vis-a-vis other industry workers and some of these superstars are in the limelight for barely a couple of years. For instance, the noted Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh suffered from cancer early in his career and was not selected thereafter by the Indian Cricket Control Board for many matches,.

Nevertheless, doctors must be given a high pay keeping in mind the tremendous and remarkable service they render to society. Besides, the human resources of the defence forces, do a great job by protecting a nation while risking their own lives. They often live in very tough terrains with little support during a war. The common man is dependent on doctors and the security forces for leading a healthy, safe and normal life. 

To conclude, according to me, celebrities in the area of pop music, sports and films are not given huge payments as thought of by some people. They do the supreme task of entertaining the masses by working hard. Nonetheless, doctors and the security personnel of a nation too are entitled to a high pay.

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