Some people say that digital books will completely replace paper books in future.

IELTS/ PTE/TOEFL Writing Tasks, The Essay

Writing Task 2, Essay

The Essay Question:

Some people say that digital books will completely replace paper books in future. Do you agree or disagree ?

The Essay:

It is believed by few that in times to come, paper based books will totally give way to online books. I disagree with this view since the value of physical books cannot be undermined by digital versions, notwithstanding their advantages.

First, book lovers will always treasure a hardcover or paperback format to feel, read and display in their collection. Furthermore, as against digital books, print books can be read whenever or wherever they wish, even in the absence of a gadget or Wi-Fi connection. Besides, some digital books are challenging to read in sunlight and may need charging over time. For instance, a book read over a tablet requires charging after around six to eight hours.

Second, traditional books are not a strain on the eyes since there are no harmful rays emitted vis-a-vis reading on various devices. For example, according to medical experts, extensive and extended hours spent on reading online causes Computer Vision Syndrome, a malady associated with blurred vision, headache and so on. 

Nevertheless, some people argue that online books save trees and therefore will be the future of the publishing world. Since the green cover on earth is fast depleting, print books will eventually dwindle and fade away. They claim that electronic books are not only cheaper but also easier to store in large numbers in a single gadget.

To conclude, I do not agree with the opinion that in times ahead e-books will replace paper books owing to the fact that people who love books will always prefer possessing a printed version. Apart from that, they are easy on the eyes as compared to e-books.

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