Nowadays a lot of buildings such as offices and schools are now being built with an open plan design.

IELTS/ PTE/TOEFL Writing Tasks, The Essay

Writing Task 2, Essay

The Essay Question:

Nowadays a lot of buildings such as offices and schools are now being built with an open plan design.

Why is that?

Do you this as a positive or negative development?

The Essay:

The recent trend in designing and constructing of schools and offices is that of a layout with little or no partitions within. I believe this is largely owing to escalating land and material prices as well as a surge in population, nonetheless this is a positive outcome.

First, cutting down on expenses is the need of the hour for builders of schools and workspaces of corporates since land prices have multiplied several times over, across the world. With a large number of physical divisions in schools and offices, the total cost of development would naturally shoot up. Second, the growth of behemoth organisations like Google, Microsoft and Amazon amongst others, necessitates the requirement of huge work areas to allow hundreds of employees work under a single roof, unlike in the past when population was less. Closed individual office rooms in schools and companies, would limit the strength of staff, as compared to open design offices.

Nonetheless, the open office and school working spaces are beneficial since they bring people closer. Colleagues can see and communicate freely thus boosting team spirit. Hence such a plan  has been adopted by many companies and schools, for example, Cognizant Technologies, Siemens, Amity International School and Pathways World School. In addition, many more staff members could be accommodated vis-a-vis a work place with numerous walls and partitions. This is much required in metropolitan areas where there are hundreds of workers in a single company or school building.

To encapsulate, open designs in work places for schools and offices are in vogue, primarily due to the rising prices and number of workers. Yet this is a favourable development since it unites people and facilitates more employees to perform their daily duties in a limited area.

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