Percentage of Water used for different purposes in Six regions of the world

The given pie charts depict the percentage of water usage for different functions in various parts of the world. The agricultural use of water is highest in Central Asia while industrial use is maximum in Europe.

It can be observed that the domestic consumption of water is the largest in South America(19%) , followed by 15% in Europe, 13% in North America, 9% in Africa, 7% each in Central Asia and South East Asia. Water taken up by Europe for industry is the greatest(53%), lowest in Central Asia(5%), followed by7% in Africa and 10% in South America.

The agriculture use of water was the least in Europe(32%) but 7% more in North America. On the other hand, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia consumed more water (84%,88% and 81% respectively) for cultivation.

To conclude, in South America, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia, maximum amount of water was utilised for agriculture purpose, whereas in North America and Europe industrial use of water was the highest. The developed regions of the globe used more water for industry.

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