The internet will never replace traditional course book in schools.

IELTS/ PTE/TOEFL Writing Tasks, The Essay

The Essay Question: Writing Task 2 (an essay)

The internet will never replace traditional course book in schools. 

How far do you agree with this prediction ?

The Essay Answer:

Traditional printed study material will remain forever and never substituted by the internet. I completely agree with this statement since course books are tailor-made for pupils while the internet is not.

Firstly, the books for study of students are generally modelled based on their requirements considering the level and need of each student, while the internet is more a general presentation on a given subject. Thus we see that the old and detailed textbooks on so many subjects like biology, psychology, trigonometry and so on,  are still very popular amongst learners and are widely referred to. For instance, a hard copy of the classic “The Four Ps of marketing” by Phillip Kotler, is still a recommended book for all business school students. Nevertheless, the internet will continue to be used for latest updated knowledge.

Secondly, the printed books last longer, are a one-time investment and can be stored in libraries or at home and referred back to at any time without the need of an internet connection, that may be erratic and expensive. Moreover, many students may not be able to afford the connectivity of internet due to high cost. For example, 20% people in India are below the poverty line and only 8% Indians access the internet to extract information as per the recent report in Times News. These figures may change in future leading to more students using the World Wide Web for study, that would never stand in for books in print.

In the conclusion, according to me, the internet will never fill in for the consumption of course books in educational institutions in coming times. Nonetheless, pupils will browse the internet to read latest information on study material, which would serve as a supplement but not a replacement.

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