The two maps of a town Islip

 The given maps illustrate the heart of the little town known as Islip at present and its development scheme. According to the plan, it will change into a modern place with many public amenities.

Presently, there is a straight main road towards the north of the city centre, lined on both sides with shops. The west side of the road leads to a school in the south west, while the eastern side goes to a park, both within a Housing area extending from the centre to the south of the main road.

However, as per the plan, a bus station, shopping centre, car park and new housing, will come up on the northern side of the main road, converted into a pedestrian pathway. The shops on the south, school and park, remain where they are. Besides, a circular dual carriageway will be built around the shopping area, with new housing on either side of the main road.

To conclude, the centre of the simple town of Islip with will transform into a modern complex with many facilities for the residents.

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