Expenditures in a particular UK school in 1981,1991,2001


The three given pie charts depict in percentage, how the yearly expenditure varied and was different in a particular UK school in 1981, 1991 and 2001. The spend on salaries was at least two fifth of the overall overheads or more, in all the years.

The teacher’s salary was 40% in 1981, which increased by 10% in 1991, however, it fell to 45% in 2001. Other workers’ salaries was another major component in 1981(28%), although it dropped consistently from 22% in 1991 to only 15% in 2001. The allocation of funds for resources like books, was 15% in 1981, rose by 5% in 1991 but declined sharply to a meagre 9% after a decade.

Investment on furniture and equipment was 15% in 1981, reduced drastically to one third in 1991, while after ten years rose steeply to 23%. Spending on insurance was 2, 3 and 8 percent respectively in the three specified years.

To conclude, the highest spend in a certain UK school in all the three years, 1981, 1991 and 2001 was on teacher’s pay, while the largest fluctuations in spending was on furniture and equipment.




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