Cultures all over the world are turning similar

Essay Question: Cultures all over the world are turning similar. 

What are the reasons ? Is this  positive or negative ?

The Essay Answer: It is widely observed that cultures are getting more alike across the globe. According to me, this is largely owing to the wide penetration of the internet and increase of travel by people, nevertheless it is certainly advantageous, in more ways than one.

To begin with, due to the extensive usage of the World Wide Web, people have awareness of the conduct, customs, cultures, cuisines and unique products or services of other nations, as well as their benefits. This induces people to adopt some of these to appear more global or modern. To exemplify, many Indians now don western attire by wearing trousers along with a shirt, rather than the native dhoti and kurta.

Additionally, a large population of the world, visit other countries either for work, business or holiday. During this time, they get exposed to the culture of the residents of their destination and partially pick up the same. Besides, people are now more open and tolerant to the ways of living in different far off lands and do not mind incorporating it in their own lifetime.

Notwithstanding the disparity between divergent cultures of the world reducing, it brings people closer making it easier to mix with each other. This leads to greater harmony across borders of various countries promoting world peace. In addition, business opportunities get a boost and markets open up, when citizens start adopting other cultures and lifestyle. For instance, people in India now drink Starbucks coffee which has brought  more profitability to the organisation, apart from partially replacing the original popular practice of brewing roasted and ground coffee beans

To summarise, notwithstanding the variance amongst cultures narrowing due to the internet and heightened travel, it brings a plethora of plus points to the people and the world, in a broader perspective.

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