Some people believe that preserving natural environment is crucial, however, most make no effort to do so.

The Essay Topic: Some people believe that preserving natural environment is crucial, however, most make no effort to do so. 

Why do you think this is happening? What are some simple actions that could help the environment?

The Essay: Some people assert that it is imperative to preserve natural environment, however, most people seem to exert no effort in doing so. There are numerous reasons for this negligence, however, some simple measures can be taken to safeguard the deteriorating environment.

Firstly, lack of awareness regarding waste management is the foremost reason why the vast of majority of individuals appears to be unmindful of the current environmental issues. Needless to say, unlike in the developed countries, school pupils of developing countries barely get education about crucial issues pertaining to environment. 

Secondly, governments do not impose stringent rules and regulations on factories which dump hazardous waste in the sea or nearby canals. Therefore, such companies ignore the long term effects of their actions on the future generations for the sake of short term gains.

Nonetheless, some basic solutions could be implemented to counter this menace. There must be extensive awareness campaigns run through all forms of communication coupled with strict implementation of waste management. Additionally, schools ought to make it mandatory to teach subjects like, waste management and recycling so that young people will grow up with a sense of responsibility towards the preservation of planet earth. Lastly, local governments should impose hefty fines on organizations for discarding industrial wastes into the water bodies or land without proper treatment.

To conclude, I opine that although it is immensely important to preserve the natural environment, yet some individuals seem ignorant of this fact due to lack of awareness or personal motives. Nevertheless, if children obtain theoretical and practical knowledge about this issue during their school curriculum and companies take responsibility of waste management, our environment can be saved from further deterioration.

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