Nowadays crime rate is increasing, especially among teenagers.

The Essay Topic: Nowadays crime rate is increasing, especially among teenagers. What are the reasons behind it? How can we have this trend reversed? What punishment methods should be used, in your opinion?


The Essay: In recent times, the crime rate is growing at an alarming pace amongst young people. This is mainly because of the lack of employment opportunities and prevailing education system in society. However, we can tackle this problem by spreading awareness about the detrimental repercussions caused by such deeds.

Firstly, unemployment plays an indispensable role in shooting up criminal cases, since numerous teenagers find it smooth to earn an easy livelihood by resorting to offences. For example, one of my relative’s cousin struggled to find a job for three years failing which, he indulged in various wrongdoings to meet his expense. Secondly, the inadequate education system at schools leads to a rise in violations, since young ones would be innocent to comprehend the harmful effects of executing any crime. What is more, students are deprived of essential values and behavior expected from them, besides are not punished often for their misconduct at schools.

Nevertheless, in order to reverse this situation, governments must spread awareness of ethical practices among teenagers and introduce strict laws against infringement. Furthermore, parent-children interaction programs should be run by schools because it would help parents to learn how to nurture their children effectively. Thus, these are actions would go a long way in stopping juvenile crime. However, petty penalties like fine and mandatory service towards society must be made compulsory for young crime executors. Since strict punishments can predispose them to serious health problems such as hypertension and depression which can be difficult to overcome.

In conclusion, according to me, it is an irrefutable fact that the crime rate is growing rapidly amongst teenagers because of unemployment and a weak education system. Nevertheless, it can be overcome with the intervention of government and schools to elevate connect between parents and their offspring. Additionally, the standard of punishments can be customized in order to benefit society.

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