These days it is very common to have people from two different generations mix in the same workplace.

The Essay Topic : These days it is very common to have people from two different generations mix in the same workplace. Are there more advantages or disadvantages to this situation? Give your own opinion and include relevant examples.

The Essay: It cannot be gainsaid that people from two separate generations are seen working together in one working area. While it brings advantage to the younger workforce, the senior staff may feel redundant.

To commence with, a combination of two generations at a workplace fosters a learning environment at work, as employers usually opt to hire freshers to work economically. In addition, the senior generation has a key role to educate these freshers to mould them into an asset. Moreover, they assist the younger generation in acquiring essential knowledge to execute their task effectively and pamper them during the initial days in the company.

Furthermore, old generations are experts in their field and have tackled enormous difficulties at work and this expertise can be imbibed by newer generations while taking crucial decisions during work time. What is more, previous peers have had access to similar problems much before the newcomers which can be elucidated by seniors with more clarity.

Nonetheless, there are some demerits of having a mix of employees of old and young ages as it may lead to insecurity in the aged. Additionally, they may feel deprived of respect and importance in the organization with the influx of young graduates, affecting their morale fiercely. To add on, it is possible that elders may not coach fresh graduates in the fear of being replaced.

In conclusion, according to me, the current trend of retaining staff of varied generations in workplaces, has more pros than cons, since it inculcates vital skills in the new generation along with the provision to learn from their immense experience. Nevertheless, this may dent the self-esteem of the older employees to an extent.

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