Nowadays some people think that public libraries are not necessary, while others disagree.

Essay Topic: Nowadays some people think that public libraries are not necessary, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion and examples.

The Essay: It cannot be gainsaid that public libraries are an asset of knowledge for citizens. Few feel that these libraries are not needed whereas others have the opposite view. However, I partially agree with the opinion that public libraries are essential for people.

Firstly, public libraries offer a wealth of learning to people where anyone can borrow and read books free of cost or pay a paltry sum of money. It is also a boon for students who cannot purchase expensive books. For example, I used to go to a public library near my house during school time to refer to specialized books on science. Secondly, it unites people under one roof and they can develop a special bond with each other under the pretext of going to public library. Additionally, they may also grab knowledge from each other by sharing intellectual views.

Nevertheless, with the advent of technology public libraries are becoming less popular amongst the populace and they can read books easily on electronic gadgets. It saves a colossal amount of commuting time for them. Moreover, the internet is a repository of knowledge and individual can find all genre of books instantly from the ancient times to the present, whereas it can be cumbersome job in public libraries. Furthermore, people can read books anywhere at any time on the internet and it gives them flexibility in study time while public libraries follow a fixed schedule.

In conclusion, according to me, public libraries are beneficial for citizens to acquire a large amount of knowledge as well as connect with others. Nonetheless, it is a time-consuming activity and give less flexibility in terms of reading.

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