Providing children with pocket money on a weekly basis can benefit them in the future.

Essay Topic: Providing children with pocket money on a weekly basis can benefit them in the future. Do you agree or disagree?

The Essay: It cannot be gainsaid that when parents render pocket money to children every week, it could be advantageous to them in later period of time. I agree to this notion, as it will inculcate essential skills in children such as financial management and self-dependence before stepping into adulthood.

Firstly, children can attain imperative skills of managing finance with weekly pocket money, which is inevitably the enduring tool to learn in one’s life. At the adult age after having one’s own family , it is the key to understand the priority of expenses incurred on a daily basis. Moreover, this pocket money can contribute in their higher studies and children can do away with seeking support from parents. For example, I received weekly pocket from my parents and saved enough to pay fees for college.

Secondly, children who receive weekly economic aid from their father or mother, can become self-reliant financially with the pocket money at an early phase of life , before they earn on their own. Additionally, such school goers are proven to be more confident, secure and have no complexes about money.

However, free income at an early age in life in the form of pocket money every seven days, might lead children into unethical practices such as drinking alcohol or consuming drugs and so on. More so, since parents are busy in their work and do not have much time to investigate their children’s expenses and take necessary action .

In conclusion, according to me, it is true that weekly pocket money for children plays a significant role in shaping them to be financially independent apart from imparting financial acumen. Nevertheless, in some scenarios, children may indulge in unacceptable conduct because of lack of parental vigilance

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