Some people think that giving money as gift to teenagers is good while others disagree

Essay Topic: Some people think that giving money as gift to teenagers is good while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The Essay: There is often a dichotomy in opinion on whether money should be given as a present or not to adolescents. Few feels that it is good while others have contradictory views.

Firstly, these days teenagers have a different type of choices for gifts, such as, digital games and electronic gadgets while older people may not have much knowledge about it. Therefore, the adults may purchase simple traditional gifts, which might not be liked by them. Therefore, money could be the best option for presenting to the young so that they may buy their preferred products. 

Secondly, it can be seen that when a person purchases a gift then he or she may not check all the features as well as material while buying it and it may be useless for the receiver. Hence, money should be given to teenagers,  so that they can buy anything after checking all the pros and cons of the product. For instance, when I was in high school, my uncle gifted a watch to me which did not have the modern features like stop watch or world clock and I was not happy with it.

Nevertheless, gifts are reminders and whenever a person looks at a present then he or she remembers the person who presented it and therefore money as a gift cannot take the place of gifts in kind because people often forget about cash presents. For example, I remember my brother whenever I see the sports shoes he gifted for my first marathon.

In conclusion, according to me, though people give money as a gift to teenagers but purchasing a product instead, will generate more feelings of love and closeness.

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