Some people think that giving money as gift to teenagers is good while others disagree.

The Essay Topic: Some people think that giving money as gift to teenagers is good while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The Essay: It is often seen that people choose to present adolescents with cash rather than gifts in kind, for different reasons. While few contend this is appropriate, others opine that it is harmful for them.

First, teenagers have many needs and at their age getting what they really need will be appreciated by them. They require the latest style of garments, footwear or other accessories and would love to have them in order to stand out in their peer group. For example, when my father gifted me a new trendy watch in college,  I was delighted. Second, gifts in kind provide a special experience and excitement to adolescents. They would be pleased to open the packaging and try using it. Whereas, money as a gift would not creat the same feeling of suspense and anticipation of receiving and opening a gift pack. 

Conversely, monetary presents are rather drab and devoid of exhilaration. The immediate joy of receiving a gift such as a wallet or purse, is greater than just money. The recipient would have to buy the desired object at a later date and so the happiness is postponed. Furthermore, money may motivate the adolescents to pick up bad habits like smoking or drinking that is detrimental to their health and future. Moreover, teenagers might just squander the gifted money in frivolous purchases and get into the habit of spending rather than saving for the rainy day.

To conclude, according to me, gifting teenagers with money instead of objects is certainly inappropriate for them, as they may indulge in evil acts. On the contrary, gifts in kind would make them more joyful apart from fulfilling their specific needs.

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