Some psychologists think that the best way to overcome stress of everyday life is to spend a portion of the day doing absolutely nothing.

Essay Topic: Some psychologists think that the best way to overcome stress of everyday life is to spend a portion of the day doing absolutely nothing. Do you agree or disagree to what extent.

Essay A:

It is believed by few experts of psychology that abstaining from work completely for a part of the day, is an ideal method of  de-stressing. According to me, this is not true, as such idleness would further increase stress and therefore others steps must be undertaken.

As is well known, an idle mind and body is a breeding ground for evil. This short term idleness during a day will lead to more negativity and stress. On the contrary, when people plung into some activity like dancing, cooking or jogging, very soon they feel relaxed and refreshed. For example, I notice that whenever I feel tensed after a tough day and yet go out for a walk or play , very soon I am rejuvenated.

In addition, doing absolutely no tasks for a portion of a day, will set the mind to work, spinning thoughts into a web of pessimism and imagined burdens. We often see people with little work are more tired or stressed. For instance, the senior citizens are mostly idle for most parts of the day and yet are often seen complaining and engulfed in mental pressures.

Conversely, the argument of few psychologists that a period of zero activity in a day is the the key to overcome stress, could be due to the fact that for many work leads to stress. However, if one does a job where his passion or interest lies, it will rarely lead to burden, as can be witnessed in the lives of workaholics.

To conclude, I believe, the antidote to stress is not refraining from all activity for some part of the day, that would only aggravate it, but to engage in some work different from our regular job.

Essay B:

Few psychologists opine that people can deal with their daily stress by sitting idle for a part of the day. According to me, this is not true, since sitting without doing anything will not wipe away stress and other steps must be taken.

Firstly,there are so many ways to tackle stress . We can release stress by doing meditation. When we do meditation, our mind is in peace and we can remove toxic thoughts from our mind which is the prime source of stress. The efficacy of meditation is well known in the corporate workplace and therefore many organisations organise meditation camps for their employees to be free of stress.

Secondly, we can indulge in some activity which could be a hobby or passion. During activities like swimming or playing games, our mind gets diverted and this can release our stress and positive thoughts come to our mind. For example, I play badminton or cricket when I get back home and feel much relaxed. Furthermore, working out in a gymnasium is a great means to release stress as well as being fit.

On the contrary, many negative thoughts come to our mind while we sit idle. We only think about problems, people or imagined negative outcomes that creates more stress. Moreover, doing nothing is harmful for our health physically. 

In conclusion, while few psychologists believe that total inactivity for part of the day is the best way to overcome stress, according to me, a better method is to do some activity which makes us happy and diverts our mind from tensions.

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