Many parents (mostly women) decide to stay home and take care of the family members instead of going out for work. Some people suggest that they should be paid by the government for doing that.

Essay Topic : Many parents (mostly women) decide to stay home and take care of the family members instead of going out for work. Some people suggest that they should be paid by the government for doing that. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your own experience.

The Essay A:

It is true that a majority of parents, especially females, choose to stay home to care of their offspring as well as other family members, instead of going out for job and some recommend that a government ought to pay them. However, I do not endorse this suggestion since it would cast a burden on a government.

Firstly, in this modern era, most of the people are well educated and can easily earn money doing online jobs and hence dispensing money to home stayers seems a waste of valuable finances. So many avenues for earning, like online content writers, sales and others are available in present times and everyone can choose a suitable work. For example, my elder brother’s wife does not go outside for job but she is doing part time jobs on the internet and at the same time nurturing her children.

Secondly, a government has a massive task of not only boosting the economy but also protecting citizens and therefore spending money towards people who remain at home looking after their family, can be a hurdle to the development of nations, more so, in developing countries. Moreover, citizens live under the aegis of the police and the army and so the government must provide better facilities and weapons to them so that civilians can remain safe back home.

In conclusion, according to me, a government should not distribute funds to stay-at-home father or mother, who takes care of their family members at home. On the other hand, cash must be spent on development of a country so that residents get good facilities and protection


Essay B:

Several parents, more so mothers, choose to remain at home to look after their family, rather than stepping out for work. There is often a dichotomy amongst people whether, such a father or mother should be paid by the government, or not. However, I do not agree that a government should aid such parents.

Firstly, in the present scenario, for a better life, both parents ought to work. If government assists such families, then one of the parent, especially females, can spend quality time with their children, much needed by little ones. Moreover, this will help children to develop social and cognitive skills. For example, a recent study published in the USA suggested that children of working parents are less intelligent vis-à-vis children of parents where at least one parent is non-working. 

Secondly, it will encourage couples to have more children which can significantly improve the birth rate of countries where it is dangerously low. In many nations due to lack of resources, parents opt for a single child, eventually resulting in shortage of manpower.

On the other hand, if a government allocates money for paying parents who remain home, looking to the needs of family, this could make them less productive apart from wasting useful talent. Furthermore, it will increase burden on a government who would thereby be forced to increase taxes on citizens.

To conclude, according to me, instead of giving remuneration to a parent who is a caretaker at home, a government needs to ensure work options for them at home, since the initiative of economic support to them has associated pitfalls.

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